The American Cosmetic Manufacturers Association (ACMA) is a not-for-profit trade association of cosmetics manufacturers and retailers based in the heart of Washington, D.C.

American and international stakeholders regard ACMA as a leader in the cosmetics industry. Our members include brand owners, manufacturers, retailers, ingredient suppliers, and retailers that supply the U.S. market.

ACMA works on behalf of its members to address regulatory authorities on issues related to the cosmetics industry and to keep them fully informed about the practical application of the EU Cosmetics Regulation and any future changes before they occur.

ACMA Membership

ACMA membership is free, and it provides access to our online program, where members can obtain certificates for products made in the USA based on their credentials. To this end, the ACMA has developed a self-help program that allows companies to create their own export certificates. The program focuses on the most frequently requested export certificates: 

Depending on the destination country, all ACMA certificates are issued and apostilled or certified. The price to receive an Apostille certificate for each country participating in the Hague Convention is $150. In the case of certificates intended for non-participating countries, the price is slightly higher.