To be an ACMA member is easy!

Get Started

  1. Complete our membership application

We use your email address as a user ID; you will be asked to create a password. We use the information from your application to create a profile.

Set up Membership

  1. Once you have created your company profile, ACMA will email you an Excel file for you to complete. There will be three columns available. The first column is mandatory and contains a complete list of all the products that you would like to include in full or in part in the certificates. The second column is optional and indicates where the size, weight, or volume of the products should appear. The third column is also optional and is used to record all product feedback. When you're done, return the file via email. After receiving your Excel file, ACMA will send you a contract via email that must be signed and notarized by your company representative. The contract must be returned to ACMA (from USPS, FedEx, or UPS). As soon as the ACMA receives the signed and notarized contract, your membership will be active and you can start requesting certificates. All membership contracts must be updated annually.

Request Certificates

  1. To request a certificate, simply go to and log in. Select the type of certificate you are requesting and you will be redirected to your product list. You will be asked to select which of your products should be included in the certificate. You must also select in which country the certificate will be used. Once completed, an invoice will be generated and you can pay online or request an invoice. ACMA receives your order electronically, you don't have to submit a request. Your certificate will be edited, apostilled, or legalized for use in the chosen country and will be returned to you through your FedEx or UPS account.

Member Privacy

ACMA will never sell or share your company information with third parties.

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